Friday, October 3, 2008


So lately I have been listening to this one song called "Farewell of Slavianka" , since its recorded by the Red Army Choir I figured it was a soviet song. It was just so catchy though I couldn't help but enjoy it, even if those bloody reds wrote it. BUT to my pleasent surprise this song is actually from 1912 and was a military march for Imperial Russia and later the White Army. So now I love the song even more. Please excuse me for using this soviet propoganda youtube video for the song, but the Red Army recording is very high quality.

Farewell of a Slavic Woman

Arise, Russian Land, defend your Faith!

We have composed many a song in our heart,
Glorifying the native fields.
We've loved you no matter what,
You, our holy Russian land.

You've raised your head high,
You face has been shining like the sun.
You've become a victim of betrayal --
by those who have cheated and sold you!

Again, march ahead!
Again, the bugle calls!
Again, we'll join the ranks
And all march into the holy battle.
Arise, Russian Land, defend the faith!

Russia's holiness awaits victory.
Respond, the Orthodox host!
Where is your Ilya Muromets,
Where is Dobrynia?
The mother is summoning her sons.


We all are children of a Great Power,
We all remember the forefathers' commandment:
For the sake of the Flag, Honor, Glory,
Pity neither yourself not the foe.

Arise, Russia, from your prison of slavery,
Victory's spirit is calls: time to do battle!
Rise your battle flags
For Truth, Beauty, and Good.

Also, if anyone has any good resources on learning how to read the Ukrainian alphabet and pronouce it then please provide them : p

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